Mid 30s crisis birthday jump!

August 14, 2009

When I first rediscovered Shells again last year, I was amazed at how it had evolved. The gaps between the jumps looked basically undoable. 20-30 foot gaps with very unforgiving consequences.
gap-planThe idea of actually hitting one of these gaps became almost a silly obsession in my mind. Every visit to the spot with my co-worker Zane, I would look at it thinking ’someday ill have the balls to hit that’.
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Shredding the Peninsula

July 23, 2009

For people that live/work in the San Francisco bay area, specifically the peninsula between San Carlos and San Mateo, the options for mountain biking/dirt jumping are really damn good considering the proximity of the various spots within this small area. I am able to access each of these 3 amazingly awesome spots within 5-10 mins of where I sit and for this I am very grateful. There are actually several more than these, but I am focusing on the ones I can literally ride to on a lunch break.
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ZOOM is good for print.css

July 8, 2009

Part 2 in my series on print.css

While one of your co-workers is in the middle of an annoying IE6 bug, say “zoom one” to them and chances are they will laugh (or maybe cry). The proprietary IE css ‘zoom‘ property has its roots in accessibility and well intentioned functionality however now it is mostly used as a IE6 hack to give an element the ‘has-layout‘ property.
It’s usually used in a moment of complete desperation at the last minute when nothing else is working; “dude…try {zoom:1}…. holy shit that worked!”.
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Print CSS and Logos

June 30, 2009

Most of us now use css background images to display our logos so that we still have the text in our html source for SEO/Accessibility reasons. Usually works out just fine, but one day a very shocked and surprised QA person was waving paper in front of my face going “AHH! The logo is missing! The LOGO IS MISSING!”. I’m all like “background images do NOT print by default. Whatev…”. Then Someone else was like, ‘ewwww our logo doesn’t print?’. As a crowd started to form around the upheaval at my desk I dramatically crumpled the paper and said ‘Ill fix it, Ill fix it! GOSH…’
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Why look, I have a blog…

May 18, 2009

Hey here I am, another web developer with a blog! My own place to discuss the exciting topics we web devs love to argue about endlessly on our quest to make better websites for people to use.  Exciting and engaging topics such as:

Do I care…really? Do I have opinions about these topics? Yup, but I usually won’t admit it. There are obviously enough places out there to discuss these matters, so if nothing else this blog is here to show the world that William Paoli truly is passionate about UI design, with expert knowledge of css/html/javascript, BA in computer science (or equivalent experience), basic Photoshop skills, and a team player with the desire to learn new things…Thanks for reading.

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